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Same Old FellsBiker, Only Better!
This is the new look for FellsBiker.com. Much nicer and cleaner. Much more organized. Much better use of space. Plus still totally dynamic; that is, FellsBiker is not a fixed width web site with blank wasted columns on the left and right sides of the page.

But it's more than just a new look. It's a new mission. A mission to be THE source for all Fells related information. The most facts, the most current, the most truthful. It's a whole new FellsBiker.com. Anti-Bikers are definitely not going to like the new site, but bikers, and all other reasonable Fells users will love it. So keep checking in (or subscribe to our RSS feed) to see all the new info and sections that will be added this spring!

Site navigation is now done with a single menu on the right rather than a top bar and a bottom bar. However the menu on the right is really plain. I tried using icons but they looked too out of place, plus I couldn't find icons for every section. If any visitors have any ideas either for icons I can use for the Navigation menu, or for a different idea all together, use the contact link at the bottom of every page and let me know!!!

As of this posting, the entire site hasn't been converted to the new style yet. Most of it has, and the rest should be done soon. Although I'm not giving any time frames because frequent visitors know what happened last time I tried to do that.

So enjoy the site, and don't be afraid to visit often!

I deleted all of my hate mail, but not the Negativity page itself
I've deleted all of the hate mail I had on my Negativity page. I very much disagree with many of the people who thought I should delete it based on request from the emailers. It is very clearly written that if you send me hate mail, it's getting posted.

However this site is getting a complete make-over, and those hate mails were the last old link to my forum that I've been itching to delete for a long time now. Also, those emails had gone from html to forum to forum many times. The new system I plan on creating will be much better at keeping the formatting intact. That way when I can't be accused of posting "heavily modified" versions of people's hate mail, when in fact the modifications came from copying a web site and pasting it into an email window.

So in short I haven't gotten rid of the Negativity page, I've just hit the "Reset" button. As soon as new hate-mail comes in, it will get posted right up where it belongs. But as I wrote on the Negativity page itself, it doesn't have to be this way. Bike-Haters don't have to send me any more hate-mail. They can realize that Mountain Bikers love the Fells as much as they do. And they can realize that by working together, we can accomplish all the goals we each want to acheive. And we can all be friends. Of the Fells. Don't hold your breath.