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I deleted all of my hate mail, but not the Negativity page itself
I've deleted all of the hate mail I had on my Negativity page. I very much disagree with many of the people who thought I should delete it based on request from the emailers. It is very clearly written that if you send me hate mail, it's getting posted.

However this site is getting a complete make-over, and those hate mails were the last old link to my forum that I've been itching to delete for a long time now. Also, those emails had gone from html to forum to forum many times. The new system I plan on creating will be much better at keeping the formatting intact. That way when I can't be accused of posting "heavily modified" versions of people's hate mail, when in fact the modifications came from copying a web site and pasting it into an email window.

So in short I haven't gotten rid of the Negativity page, I've just hit the "Reset" button. As soon as new hate-mail comes in, it will get posted right up where it belongs. But as I wrote on the Negativity page itself, it doesn't have to be this way. Bike-Haters don't have to send me any more hate-mail. They can realize that Mountain Bikers love the Fells as much as they do. And they can realize that by working together, we can accomplish all the goals we each want to acheive. And we can all be friends. Of the Fells. Don't hold your breath.

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    Good for you... I read the venomous crap that so called 'friends of the fells' (AKA F-OfF) have had to say about you, me and anyone else that doesn't advocate turning the fells back into some artificial utopian botany delight. Water off a duck's back. The fells is for recreation, pure and simple. I love wildlife, I love hiking, I love biking, I love having my dog running alongside and, as a local, I love the fells. Life's too short for mindless bigotry - coexist!
    Comment Posted by NickTheBrit (Nickster2407 at yahoo dot com) on April 22nd, 2006
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