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Same Old FellsBiker, Only Better!
This is the new look for FellsBiker.com. Much nicer and cleaner. Much more organized. Much better use of space. Plus still totally dynamic; that is, FellsBiker is not a fixed width web site with blank wasted columns on the left and right sides of the page.

But it's more than just a new look. It's a new mission. A mission to be THE source for all Fells related information. The most facts, the most current, the most truthful. It's a whole new FellsBiker.com. Anti-Bikers are definitely not going to like the new site, but bikers, and all other reasonable Fells users will love it. So keep checking in (or subscribe to our RSS feed) to see all the new info and sections that will be added this spring!

Site navigation is now done with a single menu on the right rather than a top bar and a bottom bar. However the menu on the right is really plain. I tried using icons but they looked too out of place, plus I couldn't find icons for every section. If any visitors have any ideas either for icons I can use for the Navigation menu, or for a different idea all together, use the contact link at the bottom of every page and let me know!!!

As of this posting, the entire site hasn't been converted to the new style yet. Most of it has, and the rest should be done soon. Although I'm not giving any time frames because frequent visitors know what happened last time I tried to do that.

So enjoy the site, and don't be afraid to visit often!

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  • Keep up the good work
    Good to see the new look and feel. We really need to get the DCR to realize that it would be better for everyone to get a more sensible, sustainable approach to managing the Fells. I mean the amount of erosion cause by bikes is not the problem. Erosion is caused by volume of users and mainly, water flowing down poorly routed trails. The so called "restrictions" are routinely ignored by all, witness the fishermen, hikers, and dog walkers all around the resevoirs. If the anti-bikers truly thought erosion was a problem, they would figure out that a) bikes like rock not mud, b) we provide tons of volunteer labor ready to help repair ALL trails for ALL users and c) winter is the BEST time to let riders in since everything is FROZEN. I would only say, more email flame wars between you and your *fanclub* will not help things out. I would suggest publishing excerpts WITHOUT identifiying them directly. Cool and see you on the trails. -crashpad
    Comment Posted by crashpad (webmaster at easterntreeskier dot com) on March 19th, 2006
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