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FellsBiker Meets With DCR Fells District Manager
Today I met with the DCR's Fells District Manager. He is the main man in charge of what goes on in the Fells. We talked for several hours about what we each think about the situations in the Fells. He is a very down to earth guy who more than anything, seems to want to see both sides of this issue to get along and agree on things. I am skeptically hopeful that he can start to improve things in the Fells.

He wanted to talk about "Visions" of the Fells, and that got me thinking quite a bit. So I wrote down my vision in the form of a Trail Management Proposal. NEMBA and the Friends of the Fells have given the MDC and DCR many proposals over the years, and I followed suit. It's a short 4 page document that anyone can download from the newly created The "FellsBiker Proposal" page. This document is how I think the trail system in the Fells should be maintained, with regard to bicycles, and also in regards to users, maintenance and expansion in general. Feel free to read the Proposal and leave comments here.