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Fells Trail Inventory
Trail Markings and Signage
  • Trail Names
    Most marked trails have small signs telling you which trail you are on. They are placed randomly at fire-road intersections.
  • Colored Markers
    Most marked trails are marked with these plastic or metal colored markers. Also, many trails overlap in the Fells.
  • Painted Markers
    Marked trails used to be marked with paint, so many trails also have painted markers left over. Also, some less popular trails are still only painted.
  • Fire Road Names
    Many fire roads have small wooden signs with thier names on them.
  • Wooden Intersection Signs
    Many marked trails now have large wooden signs at fire-road intersectoins, telling you the name of the trail and the distance to various key points along the trail.
  • No Bike Signs
    These signs mark much of the singletrack that is off-limits to bikes. New rules in the Fells, including rules regarding bike access, are currently being created. Many trails currently marked as "no biking" will likely soon be open to bikes.
  • Winchester Reservoir
    There are many different signs letting you know that you are entering Reservior land. You can't miss them!