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Times are changing in the Middlesex Fells. The MDC has been replaced by the Urban Parks and Recreation Division of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The new organization is listening to people, and putting the Fells first, instead of their own political interests. But to get Mountain Bikes a fair shake in the Fells, more has to be done. Everyone who rides in the Fells should feel obligated to help fight to save the Fells. There are many ways you can help out, and it's vital that as many bikers as possible do as much as we can. The future of Biking in the Fells is in our hands, and no one else's.

Be Part of the Process!
The DCR has been actively seeking public input throughout the Trail Plan and Resource Management Plan creation process. They have also held many public workshops. When the DCR wants your input, GIVE IT TO THEM! If the DCR doesn't want your input, you should probably still give it to them. They are a public agency after all, we are all, in a way, their bosses.

Read the "Riding & Hiking" section of this site!
Listed there are many very important tips you can follow to help minimize impact and make the trails better.

Give Back to the Trails!
There are many groups that do trail work in the Fells. Some of this work is better than others. Some is just plain bad. But regardless, if everyone did one trail day, and the FoF stopped fighting against trail work being done, I beileve every trail in the Fells could be completely refurbished in just one or two seasons.