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DCR Public Comment Deadline is Coming Up!
There are less than two weeks left to send your comments to the DCR. If you don't know, the DCR is seeking public comments on their Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Fells. The plan and other useful links are posted on the FellsBiker.com home page. The RMP is good, but it's too restrictive towards bike access. It is very important for every biker to read the RMP and send the DCR your comments.

The "friends" of the Fells have been running a huge misinformation campaign regarding the RMP. They've been making wild anti-bike-biased claims about the RMP, and even creating new misinformation websites about mountain biking. It is very important that mountain bikers balance out the FoF's craziness with some good old fashioned intelligent reasonableness.

Please spread the word to every biker you know that rides locally. We need a huge push, with as many comments sent to the DCR as possible!!!
RMP Comment Period Over, Responses Posted
The public comment period for the DCR's Fells Resource Management Plan officially ended last week. The DCR has posted all comments on their website. They have not posted any analyzation of the comments yet, just the raw comments. I did not read all of the comments, but I did spend a little while browsing through them. I was kind of disheartened to see so many comments that were clearly based on misinformation propagated by the FoF. I hope that the DCR is not going to count comments that are against biking for reasons that are false, like that they don't want trails in the Fells to be bikes-only. The only group to ever mention bikes-only trails are the Friends of the Fells. The Fof shouldn't be rewarded for their underhanded tactics.

You can download the public comments from this page, on the top-right corner: