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"Friends" of the Fells - More Bike Hating Nonsense

The Friends of the Fells' anti-bike agenda apparently hasn't slowed down after getting evicted from their free office space. They recently sent out the email linked below. Mountain bikers are trying to add one short, nearly insignificant singletrack trail to the existing mountain bike loop, and the fof have gone nuts, again. Their email is filled with hate, lies, and half truths. My favorite part is where the fof says "The Friends of the Fells does not oppose mountain biking in the Fells." This could not be further from the truth. They fight against mountain bikers as hard as they can, at every turn.

The Friends of the Fells exist for three reasons:

1) Stop Mountain Biking
2) Nature Hikes
3) Piss Poor trail maintenance that usually does more harm to the trails than good.

You should email the state and tell them you support mountain biking in the Fells, and tell them the "Friends" of the Fells are WRONG. The "Friends" of the Fells are dishonest hate mongers, who would kick everyone out of the Fells except paid fof members, if they had their way.

Stop them!

Contact info for the state is listed in the previous blog entry below, and in the fof email.

"Friends" of the Fells Bike Hating Email