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Middlesex Fells Opening Day

Biking season is here, today is opening day in the Fells! Of course its going to rain & snow all day, and rain all week. As I post this update, there are 3 different weather advisories posted. The trails are probably going to be muddy at least until next weekend, so it's probably not a good idea to be in the woods until then. Fortunately for hikers, the rules do not apply to them.

This year's weather situation does a good job at illustrating how unfair the Fells' rules are toward mountain biking. Most bikers will be staying out of the Fells this week due to the weather. However if it was a dry winter and the trails were completely dry one month ago, would bikes have been allowed on the trails early? Nope, regardless of trail conditions, bikes are banned before April 15th. But despite the mud this week, hikers are allowed on all trails, as they are year-round.

Needless to say, the Brush Fire threat is gone. For now anyway.