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DCR Accuses "Friends" of the Fells of Misleading the Public
It's decades overdue, but the DCR is finally, publicly pointing out that the "Friends" of the Fells is lying to the public. Bikers have been saying this for years, as the "Friends" of the Fells has posted countless articles, letters, and even entire websites strongly pushing false and misleading information about the impact of mountain bike use on trails. The purpose of these lies, in my opinion, has been to convince their greater membership, and the public in general, to side with them in their battle against mountain bike trail access. People who might otherwise think that mountain bike access in the Fells is fine, may change their mind when they are told the DCR is "turning the Fells into a bike park", which is a complete lie.

Read the whole article on wickedlocal.com, we also saved a local archive of the article:
DCR disputes claims about Fells management (Archive)
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