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DCR Stewardship Council Approves Middlesex Fells Reservation Resource Management Plan
I just got notice from the DCR, the Fells RMP has been approved. The RMP now IS the plan. While it saddens me that the rules are still very unfairly biased against bikes, even the biggest pessimist can't deny, the rules are significantly less unfair than they were a month ago. The DCR has said again and again, that the RMP is a living document. The last 'living document' was set in stone for some 25 years. I hope this one turns out to be more flexible than that.
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    Another things that bothered me about this process, was that many (most?) of the anti-bike comments the DCR received, were based in false misinformation propagated by the "friends" of the Fells. In my opinion, the DCR should have dismissed and not "counted" comments that were based on this misinformation, and modified the RMP accordingly.
    Comment Posted by John Masone (john at fellsbiker dot com) on January 15th, 2012
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