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DCR Fells District Manager Arrested


"Hundreds of feet of decorative, cast-iron trim from the Longfellow Bridge taken from a Stoneham labor yard was sold and melted down after being stolen by two state workers, officials said Thursday."

So Dick Stewart, one of the two people arrested, was the main guy in charge of the Fells. I had a few meetings with him a few years back about the state of the Fells, and how the rules of the Fells were being unfairly controlled by the "Friends" of the Fells, aka the bike-hating extremists. But in the end the DCR chose not to work with us thanks to NEMBA completely throwing us under the bus. Thanks for that. So at this point the biking situation in the fells has pretty much reset itself. The Fells DCR guy is in jail, NEMBA would rather trash other bikers than share what they perceive as "political power", and the absurd anti-biking rules the "Friends" of the Fells helped put in place decades ago remain unchanged.

So if you were hoping for some political changes in the Fells, don't hold your breath.

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    Of course it has all "reset" itself. Doesn't it always? But in reality nothing ever changed anyhow. It is not like there are Fells cops in the woods telling us what to do. Just bike in the fells where ya want, when ya want, just respect others and don't beat on the trails too bad like you already know. No big deal....do you actually have a good time when your biking in the Fells? Or do you worry? Enjoy the woods / nature.. don't make it into a battle with yourself...
    Comment Posted by (lackmartin at yahoo dot com) on September 23rd, 2008
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