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Stoneham Medford Winchester Melrose Malden, Massachusetts
  • Dark Hollow Pond Trail
    Yellow Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Medium
    Distance: [t.b.d.]
    The Dark Hollow Pond trail starts near Fallon Rd in Stoneham. It goes around the East side of Bear Hill, near Route 93. It then goes around the shore of Dark Hollow Pond. This trail is singletrack.  
  • Winchester Nature Trail
    Pinkish Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Easy
    Distance: 0.9 Miles
    A short and irregularly shaped trail in the far Western Fells. The Winchester school department has nature pamphlet that goes along with this trail.
  • Bear Hill Trail
    Blue Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Easy
    Distance: 0.2 Miles
    This very short trail is a connector that lets you get to the summit of Bear Hill and the Bear Hill observation tower, from the Skyline Trail.
  • Crystal Spring Trail
    Red Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Moderate
    Distance: 1.4 Miles
    The Crystal Spring trail creates an almost-loop through the North-East section of the Fells. It is mostly singletrack, and passes next to a spring. One end of the trail connects to the Virginia Wood trail.
  • Virginia Wood Trail
    Pink Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Easy
    Distance: 0.7 Miles
    The Virginia Wood trail is a short trail running roughly North to South. It connects to the Crystal Spring trail at it's Northern end, and intersects with the Rock Circuit trail at it's Southern end. The trail is mostly fire road, and cuts across the area known as Heywardville.
  • Spot Pond Historic Trail
    Yellow Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Easy
    Distance: 0.8 Miles
    This short trail is marked one-way. It starts at the old MDC Fells headquarters buildling. The trail has an accompanying brochure and marked stops along the way.