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The Middlesex Fells was once a popular area for postcard scenes.
Here is our own collection of Fells postcards.
  • The Top of the Boston Elevated Bridge, Middlesex Fells, MassNo date
  • Bear Hill Observatory, Middlesex Fells, MassNo date
  • Cascade Falls, Middlesex FellsNo date
  • Lover's Bridge, Middlesex Fells, MassPostmarked May 11th, 1908
  • Lover's Bridge, Middlesex FellsNo date
  • Rustic Bridge and Pool, Middlesex FellsNo date
  • The Old Man of Middlesex FellsNo date
  • The Pine Grove, Spot Pond, Middlesex Fells, MassPostmarked August 5th, 1914
  • Duck Pond and Stoneham Road, Middlesex Fells ReservationPostmarked March 13th, 1912
  • The Overflow, Middlesex Fells, MassNo date
  • Lover's Brook, Middlesex Fells, MassNo date
  • Middlesex Fells Park, Feeding The DucksPostmarked May 9th, 1906
  • Spot Pond, Middlesex Fells, MassPostmarked September 12th, 1907
  • View at Reservoir, Bear Hill, Middlesex Fells, MassPostmarked January 11th, 1912
  • Archway, Spot Pond, Middlesex Fells, MassPostmarked May 26th, year unknown