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Stoneham Medford Winchester Melrose Malden, Massachusetts
  • Mountain Bike Loop
    Green Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Easy
    Distance: 6.44 Miles
    The mountain bike loop is a very mellow trail that loops around the Winchester Reservoirs. It sticks almost entirely to fire roads.
  • Skyline Trail
    White Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Hard
    Distance: 7.88 Miles
    The premier trail of the Fells. The Skyline trail is mostly rocky, technical singletrack. It takes a wide loop around the West side of the Fells, going from hill top to hill top. The Skyline trail has many interesections and overlaps with the Reservior (orange), Cross Fells (blue) and Mountain Bike Loop (green) Trails, so keep a sharp eye out for the white markers.
  • Reservoir Trail
    Orange Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Moderate
    Distance: 5.94 Miles
    Anecdotally the most popular trail in the Fells. This trail is mostly singletrack, although not as rocky and technical as the Skyline Trail. The Reservoir trail makes a loop around the Western Fells, but it takes a tighter route around the Winchester Reservoirs. Like the Skyline trail, this trail has many intersections so keep your eye on the orange markers.
  • Cross Fells Trail
    Blue Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Hard
    Distance: 4.93 Miles
    The Cross Fells trail is the longest non-loop trail in the Fells. It stretches across the Fells East-to-West. While not a loop, both ends of the trail are very close to bus routes: #134 on the West end and #132 on the East end. The Cross Fells trail is fire road at each end, but the middle section of the trail is rocky, technical singletrack. The Cross Fells trail has fewer intersections and overlaps with other marked trails.
  • Rock Circuit Trail
    White Markers
    Trail Difficulty: Very Hard
    Distance: [t.b.d.]
    The Rock Circuit trail makes a small loop around the MWRA reservoir in the Eastern Fells. Despite it's shorter length, the trail is extremely technical and extremely difficult. It is almost entirely singletrack, with several sections more closely resembling rock-climbing than trails.
  • The Winchester Reservoir Trails
    Distance: n/a
    These trails are on Winchester reservoir property and are closed to all trail users. The land is patrolled. The trails themselves are not marked and are constantly changing, so they have no exact location or length.