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What is the Difference Between the Trail Plan and the Resource Management Plan (RMP)?
In many fundamental ways they are similar, they are both broad based planning processes that assess and describe available natural and cultural resource information, involve and consider public input, provide for resource protection and provide a framework and make a set of management recommendations.

They are different in the following ways:
- RMPs describe in more detail the full range of available natural, culture, and management capacity resource information
- RMPs make recommendations around the issues of resource protection, recreation, cultural resources, habitat management, staffing capacity, education, interpretation and enforcement
- The Trail Plan more fully describes information relative to the Trail System and recreational uses and resource protection issues impacted by that system
- The Trail Plan makes more detailed recommendations specific to the trail system and trail system uses
- RMPs apply Land Stewardship Zones to a property and system of 3 zones that define areas of resource sensitivity
- RMPs are submitted to and finally approved by the DCR Stewardship Council

At the end of the process at the Fells, a Trail Plan will be a component of the completed RMP.
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