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Write Your Letter to the DCR Soon!
If you don't know, the DCR recently presented their draft plan for trail management at the Fells. For the next 7 weeks or so, the DCR is actively seeking public comment on their trail plan. The plan is a very good start but it definitely needs some adjustments. So if you have time, please read over their plan, and send in your comments. These comment periods are not just for show, the DCR is really listening to comments. So it is very important to write a comment, and spread the word! Here are some links to help you out:

DCR Draft Plan (Direct Link)
DCR Draft Plan (Web Page with Links)

Here is an outline I made of the draft plan, highlighting what I think are the positive and negative aspects of it. Use it to help organize your thoughts. But don't write your letter to the DCR based only on my outline. You need to read the full plan, even though it's verbose.
Outline of Draft Plan

Step 1) Read the DCR Plan
Step 2) Read my outline
Step 3) Stew
Step 4) Write

Then, send your comments to the DCR.

You can mail written comment to:
Fells Trail Comments
136 Damon Road
Northampton, MA 01060

You can also email your comments to:
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