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DCR Fells Public Meeting Summary
The DCR presented the first draft if their Fells trail plan.
It will be downloadable online tomorrow, and during the next 60 days, the DCR wants Fells users to submit comments on the plan, ideally in writing!
Very important for everyone to do this!

Some highlights of the plan (with emphasis that this plan is a draft and not a final plan):

The DCR made their position clear that hiking and biking cause the same amount of wear and 'erosion' on trails.

More single track will be opened up to mountain bikes, including the orange trail, and some parts of the blue trail and the old yellow trail near dark hollow pond.

Some single track trails will remain hiking only, including both white trails (skyline and rock circuit).

Many trail overlaps will be separated, and trails that go through sensitive areas will be rerouted. Many miles of redundant trails will be removed.

The sheepfold will be a designated area where dogs can legally go off-leash.

The winter ban on mountain biking will be changed to more accurately cover only the times when the trails are actually muddy (March 1st thru March 31st). It will only apply to mountain bikes but will be encouraged for all trail users.

The DCR will work with stakeholders groups to increase education and volunteerism.

There will be two "walk-throughs" in the fells on September 25th and September 30th.

Off trail use and after dark use will only be allowed by special permit.

So stay tuned to this website for more details in the next day or two, to get links to the official draft of the DCR's plan. And more information on how to submit comments on this plan! This is a vital time to become an active trail advocate. Please spread the word to your friends that now is the time to get interested and get involved!
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