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Help Make Sure The Friends of the Fells Are Evicted!
As I reported last month, the Friends of the Fells are being evicted out of their current office space. For years, the DCR has provided this space to the fof free of charge. In a normal situation where a friends group looks out for the interest of the park and all of it's users, this would be a nice gesture. But the fof is an extremely biased organization. They periodically send reports to the DCR suggesting that mountain biking should be completely banned from the Fells. They block mountain bikers from doing trail maintenance, and then they perform their own token trail work that often times leaves the trails worse off than they were before - but their work makes the trails worse to bike on, which seems to be their primary goal.

The Friends of the Fells have encouraged their members to write letters to the state, to make the DCR reverse it's decision and let the fof stay in their free office space. As a tax payer, I find it extremely offensive that my tax dollars are used to attempt to BAN ME from this great urban park.

I encourage everyone to write your own letter to the state, in support of the DCR's original decision to EVICT the Friends of the Fells out of their free office space. Tell them it is unfair to use taxpayer dollars to support the Friends of the Fells. Tell them the Friends of the Fells are extremely biased and shouldn't be allowed to influence DCR policy making in the Fells. The Friends of the Fells are not looking out for all of the users of the park, or the park's purpose as recreational use land. Tell them you want the Friends of the Fells OUT of their free office space.

Direct your letters (and/or phone calls) to:

Governor Deval Patrick: constituent.services@state.ma.us (617) 725 - 4005
Environment Secretary Ian Bowles: ian.bowles@state.ma.us (617) 626 - 1000
DCR Commissioner Richard Sullivan: rick.sullivan@state.ma.us (617) 626 - 1250
Representative Paul Donato: rep.pauldonato@hou.state.ma.us (617) 722 - 2960
Representative Katherine Clark: rep.katherineclark@hou.state.ma (617) 722 - 2220
Representative Jason Lewis: rep.jasonlewis@hou.state.ma.us (617) 722 - 2060
Representative Carl Sciortino: rep.carlsciortino@hou.state.ma.us (617) 722 - 2400
Representative Chris Fallon: rep.christopherfallon@hou.state.ma.us (617) 722 - 2430
Senator Richard Tisei: richard.tisei@state.ma.us (617) 722 - 1206
Senator Patricia Jehlen: patricia.jehlen@state.ma.us (617) 722 - 1578

For years, the voice of the fof is the only voice the state has heard. It's time for bikers and other trail users to step up to the plate and be heard.

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  • I support the Friends of the Fells Eviction
    ## Here is the email I sent ## to the people listed above ## You should write a letter too! To whom it may concern: I am writing you to show my support for the DCR's recent decision to evict the Friends of the Fells from their DCR-provided, free office space. The Friends of the Fells are not your typical 'Friends' group. They have a very narrow vision of what a "legitimate" park user is, and they fight hard to get all other park users banned. They do poor trail work that very often makes the trails worse. The Friends of the Fells are NOT good for the Fells. And as a taxpayer, it sickens me that I've been paying for the Friends of the Fells' office space all these years, while they use that office space to try to get me banned from this great park. The DCR should stop giving the Friends of the Fells free benefits paid for by the tax payers. And the DCR should stop letting the Friends of the Fells dictate policy in the park. Thanks John Masone - Stoneham
    Comment Posted by (me at johnmasone dot com) on May 11th, 2009
  • "Friends"
    I am extremely weary of any group with the word "friends" in it.
    Comment Posted by () on May 26th, 2009
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