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Stoneham Crossing in the Fells' offing?
A Wilmington-based company hopes to construct a mixed-use commercial development with a 133,000 square foot Home Depot and a 15,000 square foot office building at Fallon Road's A.W. Chesterton property - a piece of land that directly abuts the Fells Reservation

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    I'm a little confused on this article. It says they are building on the Chesterton property, which directly abuts the Fells, and is the former site of Servomation. But the Chesterton does not abut the Fells, it is across the street. And the former site of Servomation, DOES abut the fells, but is the current site of Marjam. I think someone has their facts mixed up, I hope its not me :-)
    Comment Posted by Mr FellsBiker (john at fellsbiker dot com) on June 16th, 2006
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